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I wish I could get in your head.
I'd visualize my wish for you.
Sadness starts to spread.
I feel badly that I've failed you.

Trying to get you to bend,
Yet I feel like I make it all worse.
I cannot be just your friend,
But don't want to be too terse.

I try, but I can't get through.
You close the door on me.
I'm struggling for a clue.
Help me to help you see.

Success does not come easy.
I've given you the chance.
You try to appease me,
But you refuse to dance.

Your life will rush before you.
You don't know what to choose.
Try each and every door.
I don't want you to lose.

Giving up or not trying,
Is not what you've been taught.
Frustrations, fear, and crying.
In this cycle, we are caught.

Learn to spread your wings.
My push will give you a start.
Work hard and draw from things.
Bring passion from your heart.

Don't close your eyes shut blind.
Things are not as easy as they seem.
Believe and seek until you find,
And never give up on your dream.

©2012 Carol Gregoire
Written for my daughter. I know you struggle with what you want to do. I only wish that you will try everything and give it a fair chance. You will find your way eventually. Make the journey worthwhile.

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November 6, 2012
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