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How did we get so afraid to love?
We blame our careers, or the past.
Maybe even the God above,
Yet it was ours to make it last.

Love blows in so easily,
With a look, a kiss, that spark!
From there, the fires blazes,
While we're dancing in the dark.

But those afraid of the fire,
Should never light the match.
For love is not intended,
To those who fear the catch.

We fight for our freedom,
Even when it's love not war.
Then wonder why we are alone,
And our world has not a star.

Sometimes it takes a little work,
We must trust to understand.
Within love, we grow not wither,
You're free, even holding my hand.

I have never been afraid to love.
I wear my heart on my sleeve.
I tried my best to love you,
But all you could do was leave.

©2016 Carol Gregoire
A poem about love, and fear that loving someone will keep you from following your dreams, making love hard to find and keep.

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November 13, 2016


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