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The man who fell to earth,
Two days ago celebrated birth.
Now today, your time to leave.
We, who love you, left to grieve.

You are truly one of the greats.
A velvet voice with gentle traits.
You, a leader of the evolution,
Though some say a revolution.

A harlequin, a spaceman,
A poet, and a gentleman.
A true icon in art and fashion,
But music was your passion.

Many melodies and genres tried.
We, your fans, along for the ride.
So fabulous through this labyrinth of life.
We send you off with a drum and fife.

Today, you take your final bow.
Your legacy lives, as you rest now.
Your songs play loud, as you travel afar,
Riding out now on a shining black star.

©2016 Carol Gregoire
A poem written to honor the life of David Bowie and all that he gave to his many fans.

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January 11, 2016


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