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You look at me with dark brown eyes.
I'm drawn to you, like the moon's full rise.
With one look, a beginning is unfurled.
Show me now all that is your world.

Different from anyone else I know.
New possibilities are what you show.
You stroke my cheek soft and tender.
Infatuation hits in all its splendor.

I meet your eyes, our gaze intent.
A fleeting moment, or time well spent.
Neither one knows where this will lead.
Forever love or hearts that bleed.

So many things to find and learn.
Everything about you is what I yearn.
You awaken in me that which has slept,
Hidden, forgotten, dying while I wept.

Behind your eyes, a subtle sadness,
To try again, could be pure madness.
But then we talk for hours on end,
We can't deny, we're more than friends.

In your arms, you hold me so close.
We both are open to where this goes.
A goodbye for now, but you I will miss.
Then you draw me in for our first kiss.

©2012 Carol Gregoire
A poem of new love, infatuation, the kiss.

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December 3, 2012
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