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Again, the clouds have turned to grey.
Could it be, I'll have to wait another day?
I live to be free, I want to have fun.
Won't you come help me to find the sun?

A pile of things just gathering dust.
Just like my heart, which I fear might rust.
Tossed and battered, broken and abused.
Leaving me lonely, dazed, and confused.

Is this my fate, though not the life I choose?
Waiting and wondering, why do I lose?
I feel you there, but you are always so far.
Leaving me to wish now for you upon a star.

Night after night, I hope and I pray.
Please let him see me, I wait one more day.
Give me an answer, show me a sign.
Reach out to me, say you'll be mine.

I will love you always, of this please be sure.
I can take away your pain, let me be your cure.
We have hurt long enough, it is now time to feel.
Take in my breath, and you'll know this is real.

Look a little closer, into me take a peek.
You might be surprised to find what you seek.
We both have waited to find our way,
And hope that tomorrow might just be that day.

©2012 Carol Gregoire
A poem of hope, waiting, and love

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November 4, 2012
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