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Submitted on
November 18, 2012
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The air is cool, and the night is so dark.
Stilling silence, but for an occasional bark.
It beckons for me to come wander outside.
How I wish tonight, you were here by my side.

Looking up, my eyes are drawn to the sky.
I see a lone, silver plane and watch it fly.
I try to guess where it might be going.
In its hold, what it could be stowing.

Many stars are in the sky tonight.
So I wish I may, and I wish I might.
I'm mesmerized by the crescent moon.
Just like with you, I will never be immune.

It's nice to know it's the same thing you see.
I wonder if you gaze up and think about me.
Do you feel my presence, warm and close,
Or hear my words in your mind's echoes?

For you, like a shadow, follow me around.
Always present, but not yet found.
I long for the day, to be held in your arms.
To be swept away by all your charms.

Till then I find comfort in the silence here.
I know you will find me, I have no fear.
True love is stronger than all that is gold.
So I wait and watch our kismet unfold.

©2012 Carol Gregoire
A poem of wishes and kismet in the stillness of the night.

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