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You sit there on your high horse,
Judging all those that you see.
You don't know me, of course,
How dare you apologize for me!

To you, I am just star-gazed,
Hiding from what is real.
In a fantasy, lost and crazed,
You have no clue what I feel.

Only I know what has happened,
The many times he and I have met.
The look into each others' eyes,
Is not something I can forget.

You say that I don't know him,
But he sings from within his soul.
Touching me in my deepest core,
It's not something I can control.

Love is not something planned,
Or something I take lightly.
Whether I'm near him, or alone.
It's always shines so brightly.

I want for him only happiness,
My Schatz, for he is a treasure.
I hope he finds the love he seeks,
In his smile, I will find my pleasure.

I have no surreal expectations.
I say what I feel in my heart.
It takes the form of poetry,
Or emerges through my art.

I am quite clear as to who I am,
It's you who's lost in your zeal.
Hiding behind someone's picture,
Two-faced jealousy you reveal.

2012 Carol Gregoire
For those haters, who choose to judge without knowing someone or how they feel.

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November 15, 2012
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