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They say no rest for the weary.
Save it for when you are dying.
I think of you, your broken heart,
And now, I lie in bed crying.

I'd gladly take away your hurt.
I wish you would never feel pain.
I know it feels hopeless to you.
You'll be lost forever in this rain.

Some, they will strike you down,
You love what is on the outside.
But no matter how hard you try,
From you, it's their love they hide.

Others you have wanted to love,
But eye to eye, you cannot see.
Tirelessly trying over again,
It was just not meant to be.

There will be those that love you,
And you may truly feel the same.
Pleasing them, you're so wrapped up,
It's a wonder you remember your name.

The worst are those who want you,
For who you are and what you make.
Maybe in their way, they love you,
But in the end, it's what they can take.

So go stare out into the ocean,
Remember the beauty in your life.
One day, your truest love will find you.
Worth the pain that cut like a knife.

Lovers and time will come and go,
But love should never be a chore.
For all those loved and lost,
I will always love you more.

2012 Carol Gregoire
A poem of loves lost, pain, heartbreak, and what is meant to be.

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November 19, 2012
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