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A lone black crow in the distance,
Squawks out a call to his mate.
I plead to the breeze for romance.
Come play, let's make it a date.

We'll dance alone by the new moon,
Holding hands under its soft glow.
Reasons and answers not needed,
In this love, we trust and know.

Spread your darkened wings,
Embrace the night with me.
Find me in my prurient state,
Waiting for you to set me free.

We blaze the night on fire,
Love's kisses warm and sweet.
Passions burn with desire,
Electrified from head to feet.

Leaving behind all fear and pain,
We soar to the newest of heights.
Abandoning the worlds we know,
In return for enchanted nights.

Bathing in love's rapture,
We'll sleep under starlit skies.
For within this quiet stillness,
Blissful serenity in darkness lies.

©2012 Carol Gregoire
A poem of longing, romance, love, and passion.

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October 12, 2012
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