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Oh, how I wish I could turn back time.
Daylight savings on this life of mine.
Here in the flesh, till nothing but bone.
It passes quickly, and then it's all gone.

Day after day, all one and the same.
After all is said, this is who I became.
Things around me spin out of control.
Is anyone there, if just to console?

Daydreams and wishes, all for ridicule.
Love comes first, is that not the rule?
Life's test of patience is so damn trying.
Here in the dark, still alone and crying.

Would but the wind blow in my direction,
One kiss from you, my sweet confection.
Lift away the clouds that hang over me.
In night's slumber, you come set me free.

I close my eyes here where it is quiet.
Waiting for my lover, just like Juliet.
It doesn't take long before you appear.
You sing to me of love, I feel you so near.

Take my everything; nothing is too much.
I'd give you my world for just one touch.
Let's yield to this dream if just for a while.
Within your eyes, I find the will to smile.

Stay by my side, you never disappear.
Seize me, kiss me as if the end were near.
Don't turn away, or ever say goodbye.
With one last kiss, leave me here to die.

©2012 Carol Gregoire
A poem of life, loneliness, and dreams of love and death.

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November 13, 2012
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