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Baby, come play with me tonight.
Together, our fantasies take flight.
We'll escape to waters warm and blue.
To the islands of sun, just me and you.

You, my love, sweet captivating pirate,
Billowing shirt and rings of agate.
I, your alluring siren of the sea,
Lace veils and pearls covering me.

Dance with me alone in the sand.
Let me touch your body tanned.
Make me earrings of abalone shells.
We'll be the secret that no one tells.

If we get cold, we will move in close.
You whisper then what you propose.
Held in your arms by the firelight,
The spirits in our hearts takes flight.

Stolen kisses under the moon.
You sing to me a lovely tune.
We make a wish of what will be.
Until again, you must roam the sea.

Beyond our death, will last our love.
Like the stars eternally up above.
We feel alive, hair blowing in the wind.
Our vows of love, we'll never rescind.

©2012 Carol Gregoire
A fantasy of a pirate and sea siren, love, romance, and death.

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Submitted on
November 10, 2012
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