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It's dark outside.
The moon shines bright.
The stars cannot hide,
In the sky tonight.

Away from the city,
Things are at peace.
The night is so pretty.
Day's actions cease.

Things may shimmer,
But not all are gold.
Let thoughts simmer,
To let truths be told.

Now barely a thought,
There's no need to rush.
Things to do are naught,
In this calm, quiet hush.

A breath my only thing,
So I glance at the moon.
It resembles a swing,
When shaped like a lune.

Lift me up high,
Delight in mine eyne.
Amidst stars in the sky,
So like them, I can shine.

©2015 Carol Gregoire
A poem inspired by the many stars and beautiful crescent moon in the sky last night, as i took my dog for a walk.

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Submitted on
December 17, 2015


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