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So full of life and still so young
To come to this sad end.
The feeling of loss has stung,
Especially to your best friend.

Forever, he holds you in his heart,
And you, he will never forget.
It makes it so hard to part,
He remembers the day you met.

Your eyes so sad and brown,
Upon him your eyes were gazed.
He would take you all around,
In fields and oceans you played.

At night, you'd lie real close,
To ensure his happy slumber.
The feel of your wet nose,
Every morning, you come lumber.

Be happy now and run along,
You are now a dog unleashed.
With a cross and heartfelt song,
Your spirit he has released.

So hear your angel's voice,
Accept your gossamer wings.
In the love you shared, rejoice!
And remember the special things.

2012 Carol Gregoire
A poem written for Bill Kaulitz on the sad loss of his sweet little dachshund dog.

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December 9, 2012
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