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I stand at the ocean's edge,
Waves lapping at my feet.
To play under these vast skies,
Always and forever a treat.

The silk veils of my blouse
Take flight in the breeze.
With beads around my neck,
And sand up to my knees.

Surrounded by the crowds,
All alive and in tune.
To be blessed by this life,
And give homage to the moon.

Under the moon's light,
My spirits sing and arise.
Feel the energies around me,
While in love with the tides.

Let go of the energies
That do not honor me.
Make room for the new,
Open my third eye to see.

Reach out for the skies,
While breathing in the vibes,
Dance in the moonlight
To the drumming of the tribes.

For here there is peace,
We are united as one.
So we howl to the moon,
And enjoy this night of fun.

©2016 Carol Gregoire
A poem inspired by the Full Moon celebration and the spirit of oneness under the moon.

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May 22, 2016
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