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The sun burns through and forms a haze,
Leaving those below in a heat-struck daze.
We walk on the beach with a beaded sweat,
While afternoon showers barely make it wet.

Wispy white clouds above, they dissipate.
In lavender blue skies, for sunset they wait.
The night is thick with summer's heat.
Gardens perfumed with blossoms sweet.

The air is filled with unfilled desires,
Slow burning embers of passions' fires.
In the distance, hang the words unsaid,
To be spoken in secret, or just lie dead.

Souls tied together, waiting a time and place.
Reminded whenever I search for your face.
Connected in many ways, but never by touch.
Hidden words and synchronicities say so much.

Magnetic currents so strong though apart.
Buried emotions now spoken through art.
Nights blur together lonely and surreal.
Why can't we find the love that we feel?

So we wait and wait not knowing what for.
Maybe for wishes of what we have in store.
So say goodnight, and in dreams, we get lost.
Waiting for happiness and what it will cost.

©2016 Carol Gregoire
A poem about hot summers, longing, and waiting. 

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Submitted on
June 19, 2016


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