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Rain, rain please go away,
That's what everyone will say.
But for me, I like the rain.
Cleanse me now, release my pain.

It plays a soft beat if you listen.
The air is clean, the grass glistens
With a little heat, a foggy mist.
An extra special, eerie twist.

We could stay inside for cuddles,
Or go outside to play in puddles.
We will splash and stomp our feet.
Stopping for kisses wet and sweet.

The thunder bolts loud and clear.
I'm not afraid if you are near.
Lightning strikes to light the sky.
Wild abandon, too young to die.

Through the rain hand in hand,
Running through this water land.
Laughing till our faces glow,
In the rain, our tears won't show.

Soaking wet, we hold on tight.
Let me love you through the night.
When we wake, we'll see its glow.
The sun returns for all to show.

©2012 Carol Gregoire
A poem about the rain and lovers making the best of it.

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December 3, 2012
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