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The stars are shining brightly above.
We gaze at them and wish for love.
The sky is clear, so far we can see.
We are connected, just you and me.

Across the galaxy so far and wide,
Love will find us, we cannot hide.
It may take a while, but never give up.
What is meant to be will always triumph.

The days pass by, and we wonder why.
Where is the love we've needed to fly?
The suns will set, the moons will rise.
You'll know the truth within my eyes.

So please be patient, and do not fret.
I am the butterfly, you hold the net.
Once you are ready, then I will alight.
And when you catch me, all will be right.

Till then, look up at the sky so blue.
You are within me, and I within you.
Our destiny charted, we play our parts.
Invisible strings connect our hearts.

So travel your paths, and enjoy the ride.
Make no mistake, our orbits will collide.
I'll be your morning, you'll be my night.
Our love is strong, it always shines bright.

©2012 Carol Gregoire
A poem of wishes, destiny, and love.

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November 14, 2012
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